If you are like me, you will feel very confused if you look at the average massage menu: deep tissue, lomi lomi, ayuverdic, holistic pulsing etc… I keep it very simple. 

First and foremost – I offer a good, strong massage in
a safe and clean setting.

It’s as simple as that.

120 minutes massage:  EUR 120

  90 minutes massage:  EUR 90

 60 minutes massage:  EUR 60

I believe you can only truly relax when you do it honest and fair. This is reflected in the treatment and the handmade, vegan products. I use heated 100% natural, artisan-produced massage oil and aromatherapy that enhances the effect of the massage, complimented with hand-picked curated music. 

I’m all the time prototyping candles, music and oil blends to find the perfect fit.

Music during the massage: blues, soul, classical, piano, ambient. 

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