When you should not get a massage

When should you not take a Massage

Do you know a message might not be good in certain conditions and may impose risk either to the therapist or the client itself? So before getting a massage it is best to talk about the same with an expert about whether it is fine to continue a session to best to avoid one for some time.

There are chances that in many cases specific problem areas can be avoided while massaging other areas of the body. Similarly, patients those are taking radiation or chemotherapy can opt for some custom massage style from the therapists.

Therefore, a pre counselling is a must to have with your massage therapist who is well experienced and have the knowledge of all such and is capable to advice you the best for your health. A massager can either suggest you any adjustments or alternatives to give you massage without affecting your health.

There are certain cases when a massage is not good for all or some part of the body and there might be risk of health issues to both therapist and client if overseen under series conditions like infectious disease. Contradictions are indicators that help anyone to know to not do something.

Contradictions: What to Consider to Avoid Massaging?

How to know when to not take a message, the answer is simple. There are certain conditions as indications to avoid massage. Here are they;

– In case the patient is suffering from infections, airborne, or contagious illness like shingles, strep throat sore throat, colds, or flu! It is necessary for the wellbeing of others who come in close proximity to the patient.

– People who are suffering from Hemophilia, liver failure, respiratory failure, advanced kidney failure, Appendicitis, or metastatic cancers like malignant melanoma or lymphoma.

– Bacteremia (infections in blood stream), sepsis (blood infection), lung tumor or abscess or infectious skin conditions.

– A pregnant woman who is also having edema, proteinuria, or hypertension being bee suffering from Eclampsia and hence cannot take the massage.

– Hemorrhage is a condition when blood starts escaping from the vessels and hence patients facing this issue would not think about massage.

– In case of sudden severe undiagnosed headache onset with no previous similar history of occurrence.

– You will never be allowed if you have got Acute Pneumonia (viral or bacterial lungs inflammation).

– Chronic active hepatitis, non-infective and infective pericarditis/endocarditis, pitting edema, advanced organ failure, or diabetes mellitus 2 or 1 including advanced kidney or heart disease or advanced vascular complications.

– Never neglect severe internal pain that you cannot explain to your therapist as well, in this case it is better to see a doctor.

– If nauseated or dizzy, under active fever or in very high Blood Pressure!

– Try also to avoid a session if there is an open cut or you are AIDS/HIV positive. Otherwise, a therapist will skip that area and do massaging of the nearby area by using gloves.

– If suffering from asthma, diabetes or other serious health issue it is best to get confirmation from your doctor before proceeding for a massage session.

– In case you are allergic to any massage oils, cleansers, essential oils, creams, disinfectants used on tables or sheets then you can either ask your therapist to change it or take your own to the spa.

– If you are suffering from flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune disease systemic infection.

– In case you are facing reduced sensation or numbness because of medication.

– The affected area should be avoided if you are recovering from an injury like soft-tissue.

– Those are having severe Athrosclerosis or arteriosclerosis should refrain from any massaging. Athrosclerosis is a group of diseases happen when arterial walls losses elasticity or get thickened.

– If you recently have got an acute stage heart attack, had or having a stroke. So in such case you need to wait till you will be recovered from the acute stage and get conformation from your physician that you are good to schedule a massage session.

– In case of shock there is instant drop in the blood flow in the patient’s body and hence affecting the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to vital organs.

– Impetigo or other skin conditions, varicose veins, skin and other cancers that required chemotherapy or radiation, inflammation happen because of injury, infectious disease, active herpes or boils, hernia.

– Elderly people generally face the problem of osteoporosis in which the shoulders got severe stoop and by this the bones became fragile, brittle, and porous. In this case a massage will be too intense and risky.

The most important is you should be comfortable and feel good and this is possible only when you take massage in a healthy condition!

Bottom Line

Avoid a massage when you are sick but some days after recovering from the same as well. It is because there are chances of rustling up of residing symptoms after a massage.

Also, if you recently have taken any medication or alcohol then you should avoid the massage session. Similarly after an accident or serious fall there should not be any massaging session in first two days.

Massage, if taken under illness can increase the flow of blood and can result in increasing the chance s of spreading of skin rash or the client will get sicker. So it is best to tell everything about your health issues with a massage therapist who can identify any case of contradiction and can save you from high fever, broken bones, pneumonia, or sunburn.

But there are less chances of contraindication due to a massage that can be avoided with some care. Also massage should be avoided if there is uncontrolled pitting edema, imbalanced blood pressure, or while first trimester of pregnancy.

So, it is best to let your massager to inform about the affected area if you are flare-up of tendinitis, dermatitis, arthritis, or bursitis.

Overall, a well-planned massage is something that is always recommended to be safe and healthy. It means to check self-condition and talk with therapist and physicians as required in case of any confusion before enjoying the rubbing or touch on your body in a massaging session to avoid inviting issues in the search of satisfaction.

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