How to get prepared for a Massage?

It does not matter whether new or have gone through many massage sessions before, you need to do some preparations before facing the same to get complete satisfaction.

After deciding about getting a massage it is the time for you to get ready for it both physically and mentally! Start with confirming about the years of experience, style, prices, training, and specialties of a therapist. You can ask your friends or family members you get recommendations to find a therapist.

4 Tips on preparing yourself to Get Complete Benefits from a Massage

A frenzied rush might result into taking more time for the body to be relaxed during the treatment. So you need to relax yourself to ensure a soothing experience from a massage. Following are some more suggestions to keep in mind before lying on the massage table.

How to Dress up?
Always prefer to wear loose-fitting or comfortable cloths while getting ready to a massage session. Do your exercise or workout before getting a massage to warm up your body and prepare for a session or else there are chances of injury since your muscles are relaxed.

You need to disrobe in case you have traditional bodywork. 

In case you are not comfortable with taking off your clothes then it is bet to discuss about the same with your therapist. Remember that with no encumbrance of clothing you will get more effective massage.

A massager can suggest you to keep something on your body that can help you to feel comfortable at the same time he can work without hassle. Your body can be covered by a sheet every time to respect your modesty.

Check for your health condition like whether you are feeling sick or having fever. If yes then avoid massage! Also, if you are having sunburns, poison ivy, major rashes or skin irritation then try not to get a massage until they will be cleared since to not make these worse after getting rubbed. Otherwise, you need to first inform your therapist about the same! 

Take a shower, clean your feet, and brush your teeth. 

Avoid consuming a heavy meal, a full stomach might make you to feel uncomfortable during the massage session. Never drink or take medications within 2 hours before the schedule of your appointment.


Try to arrive at the scheduled time. 

Before the start of a session make sure to ask questions to clear your doubts and let the therapist know about your requirements to avoid any disturbance during the session. Also, you need to spend some time with your therapist to talk about your concern and needs before beginning of a massage session.

Discuss about your medications or any additions or changes occur in it. It is also necessary to let your massage therapist know about any recent injuries or surgeries. Shallow breathing and tension promotes each other. You can avoid it by trying Diaphragmatic breathing as an important practice to take the deep breath to the diaphragm and further enjoy many positive benefits.

During a Massage

There are many benefits of a touch like emotional releases since our body stores emotional repressions. So a touch can initiate the releasing of your “old memories”. So if your emotions are intense then it is best to consult about the same with your massager.

Do not hesitate to inform your therapist about what type of massage you would like to try as well as if you want to listen to the music during the process. Decide where and when you will get a massage if you are already experienced in it.

During a massage session you will experience body awareness so notice the amount of pressure that a therapist is applying. You need to tell him about any sensitivities or pain that you are facing or disturbing you so that it will act as a feedback to guide your massager about how to proceed ahead to give you complete satisfaction.

You can talk as well to release the stress during a massage if you find it benefitial to relax yourself. However, by remaining quiet can help you to experience profound relaxation, overall responses, and develops more awareness of a body.

A circulation massage results into release of toxins physically. So you can flush such toxins by drinking a cup of water at the end of a massage session. But you need to keep drinking water in certain intervals even after you leave the spa.


Avoid frenzied panic that might happen since you have rushed to catch your appointment on time. Make sure you didn’t have consumed anything before 2-3 hours of a session so that your body can digest meals till the time of a massage. If required take light meals so that your stomach will not be full and make you feel uncomfortable during getting a massing

Let your mind to be in restful state and enter the room. The therapist will leave the room for some time so that you can undress by removing the required clothes. Also masseuse will offer a sheet or towel to cover your body parts that do not need massage.

If you are looking to get a massage for the first time then there are chances of anxiety-inducing. You might feel it bit embarrassing if a stranger will see your knobby knees, an ugly birthmark, or extra belly fat while touching you in a massage session. But you need to understand one thing, it is that an expert therapist do not notice such things and their main focus is to make a massage truly beneficial and enjoyable.

Make sure your massager knowns about your allergies for certain lotions, powder, or oils. 

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